Shure AONIC 50 and AONIC 215 free your ears to enjoy your music anywhere

Wireless audio accessories are no longer oddities that delivered fancy futuristic features at the price of sound quality. Thanks to a push in the mobile

JVC HA-A10T True Wireless Earphones Review

Better known for car and home audio products, the JVC brand is used for a few other product lines in India, including televisions, earphones, and

Blaupunkt BTW Pro True Wireless Earphones Review

Although German brand Blaupunkt is best known for its car audio products, its headphones and earphones are popular in India as well. Marketed in India

Oppo Enco Free True Wireless Earphones Review

Global smartphone brands entering the true wireless earphones segment isn’t new; Apple, Samsung, Sony, and Realme are notable names that have done so already. While

Sony WI-1000XM2 Review

Detail-forward active noise cancellation earphones held back by challenging treble The Sony WI-1000XM2 are high-end neckband headphones, and for £300 you get just about the

House of Marley Redemption ANC review: Sustainable sound

House of Marley’s new Redemption ANC true wireless earphones are the kind of product that you want to be able to love. Between the aesthetics,

Skullcandy Method ANC Review

Whether it’s casual listening, a need to stay focussed or the necessity to unwind after a hectic day, a good pair of earphones can always

Edifier TWS1 True Wireless Earbuds review

Another day another true wireless earphones review. This time from Edifier, the audio brand that is well known for their active 2.0 and 2.1 speakers.

DESTEK T1 65H True Wireless Earbuds Review – Surprisingly good Jabra Elite Active 65t & 75t clones

I had given up with cheap earphones from Amazon, it is not so much that they are bad, they are normally pretty good for the

xFyro Aria True Wireless Earphones Review

I was previously underwhelmed by the XFyro xS2, they weren’t bad, but they didn’t fit me too well, nor were they priced well for the

Proze TWS-03 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Proze are another new audio and accessory brand with a pair of true wireless earphones, and another brand to use the imaginative naming convention of

Kygo Life Xenon Bluetooth Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

Showing my complete lack of knowledge about modern musicians, I had absolutely no idea who Kygo was until I started writing this review, assuming it

HiFuture TidyBuds Pro Review

There’s no arguing with the convenience of true wireless earphones; these small and entirely wire-free earphones are the future of personal audio. However, the size

Amps Air + ANC Wireless Earphones Released by SOL REPUBLIC

SOL REPUBLIC has taken us by surprise with their third product release of the year. The Amps Air + wireless earphones bring some serious enhancements

Hands on: Audeze LCD-i3 in-ear headphones review

Incredible audio fidelity is something we usually associate with high-spec over-ear headphones, but earphones like the Audeze LCD-i3 prove that audiophiles don’t have to stick

Jaybird releases ‘military grade’ EarthProof Vista earphones

Jaybird is re-releasing its Trusted Reviews-recommended earphones in a special edition Planetary Green design to celebrate the Vista’s new “EarthProof” durability. The Jaybird Vista earphones

Shanling MTW100 True Wireless Earphones Review

Shenzhen-based audio equipment manufacturer Shanling is best known for its digital audio players and Bluetooth amplifiers. We’ve reviewed the Shanling M0, a compact digital audio

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus bring massive boost to battery life

Samsung has officially announced the new Galaxy Buds Plus true wireless earphones, alongside the new Galaxy S20 smartphones during its Unpacked event. The long-rumoured sequel


Noise has rapidly amassed the status of providing competent audio solutions at relatively affordable price points. Earphones such as the Noise Shots X-Buds, the Shots


Wings Alpha true wireless earphones by the company Wings Lifestyle are a budgetary pair of true wireless IEMs which come equipped with some luxurious features

EarMen Donald DAC Review

In the midst of my endless quest to listen to all the budget earphones, I’ve been handed some relief in the form of the EarMen Donald

Freebuds 3 vs Airpods 2: Which one is really better?

TWS or True Wireless Sound has been one of the most talked about categories in the tech industry. We have reviewed quite a lot of

Boltune True Wireless Stereo Earbuds Review

Day 3: We are adrift at sea. We have lost sight of land. East, West, North, South…the sea of True Wireless earbuds ordered from Amazon

Boat Bassheads 950 Review

Accessory maker Boat has been launching products at a steady pace, addressing the market at multiple price points. We have tested the Boat Bassheads 225

HiFiMan TWS600 True Wireless Earphones Review

Chinese headphone and audio equipment manufacturer HiFiMan is best known for its audiophile headphones, including the flagship Shangri-La, which retails for a whopping Rs. 36,00,000.

EOZ Icon Review

The EOZ Icon aim to offer buyers an alternative to the Apple AirPods, but at a more wallet-friendly price The EOZ Icon are the latest

Otium PowerPods Review

The Otium PowerPods are a budget Bluetooth 5.0-enabled pair of true-wireless earphones. At $35, they’re meant to be an option for cost-conscious earphone users. But,

AirPods PRO Clone Review ($50): Super COPY 1:1

Can the Air PRO 3 be the Best AirPods PRO Clone EVER? The Air Pro 3, aka Airpods Pro super copy, is finally here. So

Hands on: Edifier TWS NB review

The Edifier TWS NB might just be the cheapest wireless earbuds with noise-cancelling you can buy Believe it or not, the Edifier TWS NB wireless

Phonak Virto Black hearing aids look like regular wireless earbuds

It is always good to hear, no pun intended, when trends, technologies, and designs from the mobile market seep into other industries to help make