Chuwi HI13 vs Chuwi HI12 Comparisons Review

Chuwi is a well known company. They are very good and is a very good buy. Today we are going to see 2 of the latest models chuwi presented to us, Chuwi Hi13 and Chuwi Hi12. We have presented both tablets here at igeekphone in the past, but not is time to compare them and see who is going to win! So let the best Chuwi win!


Chuwi HI13 is a 13-inch tablet and as such is certainly not the product that you wanted if you were looking for something extremely portable. But that said the work done by Chuwi for this tablet is still very good, considering the fact that the tablet itself has an important hardware and standard USB ports. The thickness is contained in only 34.65 x 22.95 x 1.76 cm and is instead the weight 1.6000 kg to be heard and to make a product HI13 “important.”

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