Android TV, like Google TV, still too ahead of its time

Name five devices that run on Google’s Android TV operating system. If you managed to do that without hurriedly running to a Google search, you are a rare breed. Ask the average user, even someone who is a longtime Android user, and you will probably get a blank stare.

There is something about smart TV sets that still hasn’t managed to break through to the mass market. Although there have been millions of Internet-connected TVs with their own built-in operating systems sold to consumers, the vast majority of those millions will probably only tell their friends that they have a “smart TV” or, if they are very brand-loyal, a “Samsung TV” or “LG TV.” It would be a very rare event for a conversation to come up, even among roughly-in-the-know tech heads, where you’ll find someone bragging about their “webOS TV” or their “Android TV.”

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