4 reasons Windows 10 on Snapdragon should excite you

The gulf between Apple and Microsoft’s strategies for desktop and mobile continues to spread. On the one hand, Apple has iOS on its own ARM-based mobile chips, and macOS on Intel x86 processors. Taking the complete opposite approach, Microsoft is forging ahead with the same Windows 10 across both ecosystems. While there’s no single “right answer” there are plenty of reasons why Microsoft’s announcement with Qualcomm that full Windows 10 is coming to Snapdragon should get you excited.

4 reasons Windows 10 on Snapdragon should excite you

Forget Windows RT

If you’re anything like us, as soon as you hear “Windows on ARM” you’ve probably got ominous thoughts of Microsoft’s original Surface and the dire Windows RT. It’s fair to say Microsoft’s first attempt at putting its desktop OS on more frugal, ARM-based chips was a failure, though that’s more about the delivery than the concept itself. Windows RT simply proved too limiting in terms of third-party app compatibility to make sense.

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