Windows 8 Tablet – Which one to buy?

With the impending release of Windows 10, Microsoft’s operating system is becoming interesting again. Or curious at the very least. But if you’re looking around for a decent Windows tablet for work and for play, you don’t have to wait for Windows 10 to come out to get one. And it doesn’t matter how much you’re willing to spend on a purchase. There is a surprisingly varied selection of Windows tablets out there. To help get you started, here are three of the top tablets in our eyes, one for each size of your wallet.


The Budget Savior: HP Stream 7 ($99)



A $99 tablet? Yes, that price tag is usually only associated with cheap Android slates, but yes, Windows has a lot of them if you look hard enough. Actually, you don’t need to look hard enough becauseHP has gone one right here. The HP Stream 7 tablet definitely won’t win any races, but if you need a mobile Windows experience, the full one, mind you, on the go without costing you even a finger, then this tablet is the perfect fit.

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