Xiaomi 4 Prime vs Redmi Note 4: 5 reasons why this is war

It’s time to do a duel between two of Xiaomi’s most popular “Note” devices – the Note 4 and the Note 3 – and toss in the new Xiaomi 4 Prime for good measure. This battle will be based on specifications, only – we’ll have to get the whole collection in our hands at once before we’re able to do any face-to-face comparisons. For now we’ll go ahead and assume that more advanced processors mean bigger power and that all three devices are equally reliable.


Why would a person be choosing between the Xiaomi 4 Prime and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4? Because they want to see whether they want the very latest in Xiaomi hardware OR if they want a slightly larger device. This is very much like the decision consumers make every year between a new Samsung Galaxy S device or a Samsung Galaxy Note. They’re extremely similar in many ways – but in the end, there can be only ONE.

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