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The smartphone landscape is changing and Samsung has the perfect weapon to win 2020 – and it’s not the Galaxy Note 20. Samsung’s reputation is

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Samsung’s Galaxy S and Galaxy Note premium phones often take the spotlight but they are hardly Samsung’s only smartphones. Most of the time, you only

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It’s the underdog story of the tech world. Every year, we expect to see OnePlus, Xiaomi, Asus and the other underdog fighters that trade blows

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leak today is based on a variety of tips and rumors from the past several weeks. Based on what we

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Samsung’s Galaxy S20 launched at the end of February 2020, giving us an insight into what we can expect from the South Korean company’s smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Review

Does 108MP result in an Ultra camera? What is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G? Each Spring, Samsung reveals its latest Galaxy S phone. For

Samsung Galaxy S Pricing Through the Years (2020)

Samsung has finally unveiled its flagship smartphones for 2020, the Galaxy S20 Series. They come with new features that make them more powerful, more attractive,

Samsung February 2020 event wrap-up: Galaxy S20, Z Flip, Buds+, 5G

Today we’re taking a peek at everything that appeared at the Samsung Unpacked 2020 event for February 11, 2020. This event showed off the Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite review

The Galaxy S series and Note series have been Samsung’s most premium offerings in the smartphone segment for a decade. These devices are the pinnacle

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite vs Galaxy Note 10 Lite: What’s the difference?

With two new Lite versions joining the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note family, it’s obvious that Samsung wants to appeal to a wider range of

Samsung Galaxy S20 preview: This one goes past 11 with more screen, more cameras, more everything

Stacked and packed, but no headphone jack. In just about a month, Samsung will take the wraps off the new Galaxy S phone, the first

How many new ‘flagship’ phones can we expect in 2020?

2019 was a remarkable year as far as smartphones are concerned, in part because of the dizzying number of flagship launches phone manufacturers managed to

2020: The year ahead for Samsung Galaxy smartphones

If you’re a Samsung fan, annual releases follow a predictable trend. The year begins with the launch of the Galaxy S and ends with the

Samsung S20 Series Appeared: Five Cameras, 5G, 120Hz Screen Display

The new Samsung S series of the new phones will be named Samsung Galaxy S20. series. This is also the first time that Samsung has

Could Samsung’s next flagship actually land as the Galaxy S20?

A new report has indicated that Samsung will make a fresh start with the naming system of its flagship Galaxy S brand, but can that

Galaxy S11 “Bright Night” camera could be its killer feature

Samsung may be the biggest Android phone maker today but it is debatable whether it is the top, much less the best. That definitely seems

The latest Galaxy S11 release date rumors, prices, and camera specs

It’s time to take a peek at the latest round of Samsung Galaxy S11 release rumors and expected camera features. As it’s been with the

Galaxy S and Galaxy Note merger now makes more sense

For the past two years or so, there have been rumors of Samsung either merging the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines or axing the

In 2020, Samsung Galaxy S11 will take a new angle

When analyzing the possibilities for Samsung’s next generation of Galaxy S and Note devices, you may want to consider readjusting your expectations the year 2020.

Galaxy A90 5G: Samsung reveals early contender for mid-range 5G king

Samsung has just unveiled a mid-range 5G handset − the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G. The new phone is Samsung’s first foray into bringing 5G to the affordable end

Samsung Galaxy A90: A 5G handset for the masses?

Samsung’s line-up of phones can be a little confusing. There’s the Galaxy S flagship phones, but more and more, we’re seeing aggressive manoeuvring from the

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Samsung’s Galaxy S11 and S11+ are expected to launch in the first quarter of 2020, likely around mid February. This feature rounds up all the

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus price, release date, leaks and features

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is set to be announced on August 7, but it looks like it won’t be the only phone the Korean

Samsung Galaxy A90 could be a 5G handset for the masses

Samsung’s line-up of phones can be a little confusing. There’s the Galaxy S flagship phones, but more and more, we’re seeing aggressive manoeuvring from the

Samsung Galaxy M30 in for review

At first glance you may think that the M-phones are just Samsung’s entry-level series, but then you risk overlooking the Samsung Galaxy M30, which has all

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Galaxy Note 10 needs these six things in order to be truly great

Rumors are already amassing for the Galaxy Note 10, the phone we expect Samsung to announce in August, if it follows its yearly pattern. The