Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note 22 news, price, leaks and will it even happen?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 21 would have been one of the most high-profile phones of the year, but in a surprising move Samsung canceled it,

The Samsung Galaxy Note 22 might not be canceled after all

Are we or aren’t we getting a Samsung Galaxy Note 22 in 2022? With the cancelation of the Galaxy Note 21, we’re not sure if

The Samsung Galaxy Note could be gone for good — and I’m not happy

It could be the end of the Samsung Galaxy Note as we know it, and I don’t feel fine The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Trademark decision suggests Samsung Galaxy Note really is dead

The Samsung Galaxy Note line just took one extra step towards total oblivion. As spotted by Dutch website Galaxy Club, Samsung has opted not to

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 cancelation might also mean the Note 22 is gone

When rumors started flowing that the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 had gone the way of the dodo – that is to say, its time on

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold vs Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3: Specs Comparison

The foldable phones by Samsung reached the third generation. The Korean giant just launched the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 which solves all the problems of

48 hours with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3: Subverting my expectations

I’ve always felt that bigger is better, from back when “phablets” were an entire phone category to the Pro and Plus-sized models of the various

24 hours with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

After a day using the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, I’m in love. It’s the best clamshell foldable we’ve seen yet, and it’s affordable enough

Honor X20 Max officially announced with a 7+inch giant screen

At one time, large screens were a major selling point of smartphones, especially the Samsung Galaxy Note series that set off a wave of large

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked August 2021: Everything to expect

Here’s what to expect at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked August 2021, including the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Watch 4 Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked 2021

Galaxy Note fans petition Samsung to ditch Galaxy S22

Over 17,000 Samsung Galaxy Note fans have signed the petition so far When Samsung confirmed that there would indeed be no Galaxy Note 21 in

Why do 2021’s smartphones – like the Galaxy Note 21 – keep being delayed or canceled?

2021 has been a weird year for smartphones. Well, it’s been a weird year for a lot of things, but smartphones have been no exception,

iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: old rivals get ultra-competitive

If spending upwards of £1,000 on the latest premium smartphone sounds like a tough sell, then what about once those premium smartphones are no longer

The Samsung Galaxy Note 21 is canceled, but the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 might fill that void

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 is canceled, something the company has essentially confirmed, another late-2021 flagship might take its space as a top-end phablet

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 release date, price, specs, leaks and why it may be canceled

The Samsung Galaxy Note 21 family has a huge question mark hanging over it, and it could end up being one of the biggest pieces

iPhone 12 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: compact versus phablet

The top end of the smartphone market is ruthlessly fast-moving. Today’s hot handset can start to look decidedly off the pace in just six months.

Samsung Galaxy S22 could go all-in on vapor chamber cooling

The Samsung Galaxy S22 range could use vapor chambers to cool down the handsets’ insides, using a technology that’s most often found in high-end gaming

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: to fold or not to fold?

Samsung releases so many phones these days that it can be hard to get a complete view of its range. For example, while the Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 even more likely to be gone, and replaced by the S21 FE

So many tech leakers and reporters have suggested the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 isn’t coming – even Samsung seems pretty sure it’s canceled – and

Samsung Galaxy Note 21: New rumors reveal that it’s dead

The S Pen-equipped favorite might ‘Note’ be a thing If you’re waiting for the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 21, don’t hold your breath.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 could actually be the Galaxy Note 21’s replacement

We’ve been hearing the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 is likely canceled, with even the CEO all but confirming it, but the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy S22 release date, price, news and leaks

The Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra have only recently hit shop shelves – most of those shelves are virtual owing

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 likely cancelled, according to CEO

The Samsung Galaxy Note 21 has been hitting headlines for all the wrong reasons over the last few months, with many thinking the Note line

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 could get this killer camera tech — here’s why

Samsung Galaxy Note 21’s cameras could come with a secret weapon to keep iPhone 13 at bay Samsung may have just revealed the camera technology

This future-proof speaker shows modular tech isn’t dead

Modular gadgets never truly succeeded, but Bang & Olufsen’s new upgradable speaker shows a new way forward When we think of tech’s big failures in

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: The winner is clear

Samsung currently has two high-end, high-powered and high-priced phones available for purchase in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Note 20

One UI 3.0 (Android 11) now available for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in PH

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has recently received the latest software update, One UI 3.0, that’s based on Android 11. Those who own the Samsung

This is what the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 could look like… if it exists

The Samsung Galaxy Note 21 has been in the news for quite a while with reports questioning whether it even exists, and now an unofficial

If Samsung’s Galaxy S21 gets this feature, there’s no reason for a Note 21

The Samsung Galaxy Note series may as well stop in 2021. The last few years have seen it become ever more closely aligned with the

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 isn’t dead after all — here’s why

Rumors of the Galaxy Note’s demise have been greatly exaggerated The future of the Samsung Galaxy Note has been in doubt recently, with rumors that