Master And Dynamic MW50 Review

Master & Dynamic has dabbled in wireless sound before, but big cans like the MW60s aren’t always the most convenient to lug around. People’s needs change when it’s time to pack up our gear and venture out into the world, and that’s why the company recently released a new set of wireless headphones: the on-ear MW50s. At $449, they’re currently the least expensive wireless option in Master & Dynamic’s lineup, but that’s still pretty dear for a pair of wireless headphones. That said, their blend of performance and style might be worth it for some of you.

As always, it seems the company’s choice of materials is largely what drove the price up. Master & Dynamic typically pays as much attention to how its headphones look as to how they sound, and that’s still true: It’s all high-end leather and stainless-steel hinges here. None of that would matter if they didn’t fit well, and the MW50s fortunately sat on my head just fine. More important, the removable lambskin ear cups remained pleasant after hours of use, even though they sit directly on the ear. (What can I say? On-ears have never been my thing.)

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