The Camera No One Asked For: Sigma FP Review

The Sigma FP is yet another reason why Sigma should stop making cameras.

The title for this piece came from a conversation with Reviews Editor Paul Ip. It started over a game of Diablo III and my telling him that I’m going to shoot the sunset one night. “Are people buying that camera to do stuff like that?” he asked. My response was as confused as his. We met with Sigma twice about this product, and each time it was evident that they have no direction or idea of how they’re marketing their own products. At least the Sigma FP seemed pretty interesting to me on paper when it was announced. But getting it in my hands for a prolonged time made me angrier and angrier. One could say that this camera is aimed at the video shooter. But when I asked videographers if they’d use it, they said no–instead leaning towards Sony, Panasonic, Alexa, and RED. And for photography, there’s so much about this camera that’s pretty backward. Its design hearkens back to the old Argus C3–do you remember or even know about those? It was a brick. And this camera is more or less a brick.

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