Tips to Buying an Electric Scooter for Adults

Electric scooters have taken the Australian market by storm. With a rise in environmental concerns, people are moving towards green solutions and reducing their carbon footprint. In an environmentally aware society, it’s best to find green transportation solutions. Perhaps, that is why you are looking for an electric scooter. Whatever your reasons may be, you will benefit yourself through this guide and learn how to buy an electric scooter for adults.

How to Buy an Electric Scooter for Adults

With so many options out there, it is difficult to choose an electric scooter. But with so many options, you need to make sure you prioritise the safety and stability of your electric scooter. With that said, let’s get into our guide to buying an electric scooter in Australia.

1.   Design

Design is an important factor for adults when they are choosing an electric scooter. This is because no one wants to look like a kid in their 20’s riding a colourful electric scooter. So make sure you buy an electric scooter with an elegant design. Otherwise, you will regret your purchase decision and end up selling your electric scooter.

2.   Weight

Depending on your physical abilities, it’s crucial to choose an electric scooter you can carry. Moreover, you should consider your commute and think about how much weight you can manoeuvre upstairs or carry in an elevator. Before buying an electric scooter for adults, these factors should be considered because you don’t want your gift to be a burden.

3.   Miles Per Charge

Miles per charge is like the average gas consumption of a car. You need to pay attention to how many miles your electric scooter would cover before it needs a charge. This will help you identify whether your new toy will help you commute to work and back or would you need to charge it at your workplace. Plus, miles per charge also define the battery characteristics of your electric scooter.

4.   Maximum Speed

How fast you want to go depends on the motor power of your electric scooter. While we are all speed demons on the inside, you need to consider your safety above all. Although electric scooters have a maximum speed of 20mph, it’s still unsafe to travel at such a speed, considering the dimension of an electric scooter.

5.   Lighting

Finally, the most important part of an electric scooter is its lighting. You want a scooter with a bright led light to help you navigate through dark corners. Otherwise, you will be hitting the curb and other places. You can always purchase additional lighting for your electric scooter, but the best scooters have good LED lights, and you don’t need to spend additional money.

6.   Tires

Electric scooters come in two different tires, namely pneumatic and airless tires. Pneumatic tires are more shock absorbent, but they also require more maintenance. On the other hand, airless tires require less maintenance and provide more or less the same shock absorption capabilities.

Ending Note

Choosing an electric scooter for adults is not an easy task. Given the overwhelming number of options, it can often get confusing. However, the easiest way to find the best electric scooter is to be flexible and always prioritise your safety above else.

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