Dell Latitude 11 3190 (2-in-1) review – kid-proof or kid-resistant

There is one sentence on Dell’s official Web page about this laptop that explains the purpose of the device almost perfectly. “Designed to be kid-proof”.

2022 Subaru BRZ Goes after the Kid in You

The second generation of Subaru’s sports coupe adds power and refinement but keeps the joy alive. The cynics among us thought the Subaru BRZ and

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The Pixel 5a sets a standard for sub-$500 phones — hopefully, Apple pays attention Let’s not kid ourselves. Apple likely doesn’t devote that much brain

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Electric scooters have taken the Australian market by storm. With a rise in environmental concerns, people are moving towards green solutions and reducing their carbon

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Hot Wheels is partnering with e-Bike maker Super73 to get onto two wheels. Mattel’s die-cast superstar Hot Wheels is no stranger to strategic partnerships. There

Predator Talos DDR4-3600 C18 2x8GB Review

Predator Storage, an Acer sub-brand, is the newest player to join the storage and memory game. Being the new kid on the block, Predator Storage’s

2022 Kayo Pit Bike Lineup First Look: 5 Motorcycle Models

Pit bikes are an unusual breed. Some people spend thousands on the trickest motorcycle in the pits, while others go with a clapped-out kid’s dirt

Happy Cat Hurricane Boat Review

This high-performance cat lets you sail like a kid again I’m not sure what I expected from my daysail on the Happy Cat Hurricane. One

Nokia XR20 rugged phone launched with Gorilla Glass Victus, 4 years security updates, and more

Nokia XR20 is now official and it comes as HMD Global’s rugged smartphone with a durable exterior and decent hardware and software support. The Nokia

The Fitbit Advantage – Why is Fitbit Such a Great Choice When it Comes to Kids and Adults Alike?

User-Friendly App One of the key components to the success of Fitbit for all ages is its companion app. User-friendly and information-rich, you can track

Intel Core i5-11300H vs Core i7-11370H – the latter is too expensive

The Intel Core i5-11300H is the new kid on the block so let’s see if it can stand its ground against some other CPU siblings

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids vs. Fire 7 Kids tablet: Which is better for your kid?

Amazon does a great job of continually updating its Fire tablet line-up and the Kids tablets, and when looking at the Fire HD 8 Kids

Puro Sound Labs JuniorJams Review

The Puro Sound Labs JuniorJams hit a number of sweet spots for kid-friendly headphones. Sonically, they feature a volume-limited wireless experience that still delivers solid

Onanoff BuddyPhones Play+ Review

Onanoff specializes in kid-friendly headphones, and at $49.99, the Onanoff BuddyPhones Play+ are markedly less expensive than the company’s $99.99 BuddyPhones Cosmos. You might think

JLab JBuddies Pro Wireless Review

The JLab JBuddies Pro Wireless are kid-friendly headphones that tick off most of the boxes parents will be looking for. At $35, they’re affordable. Their

New Pokemon Snap review: You know, I’m something of a photographer myself

The original Pokemon Snap is a title that I played very enthusiastically as a kid and still think about today. Even though it was a

The Use of Smartphone Apps Among Drivers: The Advantages?

In today’s world, cars are becoming more and more advanced. This is a great thing because it means that our safety is taken into consideration

Diablo II: Resurrected’s technical alpha showcases a faithful remaster of an aging classic

As a ’90s kid who saw Warcraft as the Dungeons & Dragons of videogames, I found Blizzard Entertainment’s legendary PC catalog a little too nerdy

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We sit down with Cyrus to talk all about its all-new flagship hi-fi range When a company develops a range of hi-fi components the next

Fitbit Ace 3 leaked: A fitness tracker your kid will probably want [UPDATE: Statement]

Today the Fitbit Ace 3 leaked in almost all ways, appearing in press photos, with press details, and attached to a reveal date. The Fitbit

Technics Ottava review: This all-in-one home audio system is a great entertainer

Impeccable sonic goodness in an itty-bitty box. Compact in dimensions but not in features and performance, the Technics Ottava f SC-C70MK2 is a next-generation all-in-one sound system

The Nokia 1.4 wants to be your kid’s first smartphone

HMD Global just announced its latest entry-level Nokia smartphone: the Nokia 1.4. The phone offers a range of family-oriented features, including a large, edge-to-edge display

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The MX-30 is one-of-a-kind, and we should see it Stateside soon enough. Let’s play a quick game of word association, shall we? When I say

Sanjay Vijayanathan Found Something Special with His Panasonic GX8

I’m an enthusiast, not a professional and I embrace that. My abilities with a camera are limited- not false modesty as there are things I’m

Ulefone Armor X8 rugged smartphone review

Ulefone’s latest device is a value proposition; the Armor X8 rugged smartphone is a far cry from the Armor 9 that we tested earlier this

2021 Ford Mustang Is Generally More Expensive Than 2020MY

The Ford Mustang sees a major restructuring for the new model year. The Blue Oval’s sports car won’t be available as GT350 and Bullitt models

CrowPi2 Review : STEM education, Minecraft, and Raspberry Pi in a box

So you’ve got a kid who wants to learn how computers work. Or you’re an individual that likes to fiddle around with electronics and want

Aston Martin DB5 Junior is an affordable way to Aston Martin ownership

Make no mistake, the Aston Martin DB5 junior is not a toy. It is, in essence, an electric vehicle for kids we admit, but Aston

Google Duo on Android TV will take over your living room soon

Video calls and conferencing are big these days and Google is making an even bigger fuss about it, figuratively and literally. It has been aggressively,