Bird can now tell when you skid its scooters, and you may get banned

Scooter rental company Bird has announced a new update to its platform called Skid Detection, and it is designed to help keep you safe —

Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV First Look (5 Fast Facts For New Motorcycle Tires)

Eighteen years and five million units in sales since the introduction of the Pirelli Diablo Rosso line, the Diablo Rosso IV is being introduced. Although

LAOTIE ES19 Review – Electric Scooter Perfect For City & off-road Driving

LAOTIE ES19 Electric Scooter with 6000W Dual Motor 10 inch inflation wide wheel tire, Double Disc Brake Foldable Scooter with 60V 38.4Ah Lithium Battery, With wide-angle

Piaggio Releases New Beverly 300 and 400 Scooter

Popular from birth for its unmistakeable elegance, so much that over the years it became one of the most sold scooters in Italy, Beverly has

2021 Piaggio Beverly Scooter Lineup First Look (10 Fast Facts)

For its 20th birthday, the Piaggio Beverly scooter lineup is getting reimagined for 2021. With a new frame, two new motors, and dramatically different bodywork,

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ENGWE is also investing in the fashion of the time, apparently, launching the ENGWE X5S Folding Electric Bike, its own electric scooter that stands out

2021 Honda Vision 110 First Look: Specs and Photos

The 125 class is hugely competitive in Europe—over 20 percent of the commuter market—as it provides the most performance available for A1 license holders. The

Top 5 Maxi-Scooters

The best touring scooters available now in the US If you’re looking for an inexpensive, lightweight vehicle for riding around town or completing short errands,

BMW Definition CE 04 Concept Scooter First Look

The future of individual mobility in increasingly crowded metropolitan areas is a hotly debated issue, with titanic social and economic considerations at play. BMW sees

BMW Motorrad built an electric scooter fit for Akira

BMW is doubling up on its electric models today, not only previewing the new BMW iX all-EV SUV, but a “near-series” electric scooter too. The

2021 Honda X-ADV First Look: Motorcycle/Scooter ADV Hybrid

Although not yet a model offered in the United States, the 2021 Honda X-ADV is popular enough since its 2017 introduction to get serious upgrades

2021 Honda Forza Lineup First Look: Three New Scooters

The 2021 Honda Forza lineup of scooters includes two new models and an upgrade to an existing model. The biggest news in this trio of

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The Razor E Prime III Electric Scooter is the most robust electric mode of transport I’ve used so far. It’s made by the brand that

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We know you love to ride around the city on a scooter, we know you love enjoying speed in all situations. And we also know

Turboant X7 Pro Foldable Electric Scooter Review

A great deal of talk and work has been made towards reducing the carbon footprint of cars but, sometimes, the best way to accomplish that

HONEY WHALE E5 Review – Off-Road Electric Folding Scooter

Are you ready for a whole new generation of electric scooters? Please meet HONEY WHALE E5, a product that will transform your idea of electric

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The Razor EcoSmart Metro HD is the best electric scooter for those who want to be seated while they ride The Razor EcoSmart Metro HD

Saxdor 200 Sport test drive: £25,000 boats don’t get any cooler than this

The Saxdor 200 Sport caught our attention with its bold looks and scarcely believable starting price of £22,158 (inc 100hp engine), but how does it

Top 7 Alternative Ways of Commuting

Driving every day to work can burn a hole in your pocket. Similarly, public transportation also has its own set of drawbacks and is not

New 2020 BMW C 400 X Review, Specs, Price

The BMW C 400 X gives you the opportunity to take advantage of everything that the city offers while you are on the go. This

2020 Vespa GTS 300 Review

As V-Twin is to Harley-Davidson, Ducati is to sportbikes, and tissue paper is to Kleenex, the word scooter is synonymous with Vespa. The signature Vespa

2021 Honda ADV150 Review: Adventure Scooter (19 Fast Facts)

Up went the shout for a competition to design a worldwide product, so a Honda R&D internal design contest kicked into action. The 2021 Honda

2021 Honda ADV150 Review – First Ride

If an Africa Twin and X-ADV had a baby Adventure riding and adventure motorcycles are all the rage right now worldwide. While the idea of

Razor E100 electric scooter review

The Razor E100 is an inexpensive starter electric scooter that’s great for kids If you’re thinking of getting your kid an electric scooter, the $159

2020 Honda Rebel 500 ABS First Ride Review

Our pal Chrissy Rogers was excited and jumped at the chance to get her riding permit last year at Honda’s rider training center, but slightly


Electric power and scooters go together like peanut butter and chocolate. While we’re a long way from an electricity-powered touring motorcycle, an urban scooter can

2021 Vespa 946 Christian Dior First Look: Limited Edition Scooter

Two iconic European brands—Vespa and Christian Dior—have combined talents to create the limited edition 2021 Vespa 946 Christian Dior. It is a natural fit, as

Lenovo M2 Smart Scooter Released: 3K Seamless Folding 30Km Long Battery Life

Lenovo Rescuer held a “New Life” spring 2020 new product online conference at Lenovo Global Headquarters. Lenovo Smart Scooter M2 was unveiled at the conference

2020 Honda Ruckus Buyer’s Guide: Specs & Prices

The 2020 Honda Ruckus is the perfect example of a cult scooter. Hanging around in the Honda lineup since 2003, the Ruckus is like no


It’s always tricky to announce a new model on April Fools’ Day, but Honda is insisting that this is on the up-and-up—and we believe them.