No one knew what to make of Surface Pro when Microsoft launched the Surface line four years ago. It was an unprecedented move, and one that lacked an obvious end. The Surface Pro seemed built to nudge the design of Windows 2-in-1s in the right direction, but what came next? Would Surface really become part of Microsoft’s brand?


The answer, surprisingly, was yes. Instead of treating Surface as a side project, Microsoft went all-in, debuting three Surface Pro updates and the new Surface Book. Now the line-up has again grown with the Surface Studio, a system that, by its mere existence, proves Surface is here to stay.

Frankly, the Studio is a system that’s of no consequence to most PC owners. While the Surface Pro and Book move 2-in-1 design forward in a way that’s applicable to everyone, the Studio’s intent is focused. It’s not even for professionals, as a group, but is instead built for creative professionals – artists, designers, animators, photographer, video editors, and so on.

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