Cherry Mobile Defender Initial Hands-on Review : A Mountain Man’s Best Friend

Aside from Taiji, that e-ink equipped smartphone of Cherry Mobile, we got to take a look at another upcoming smartphone from the local brand today: the Defender. The Defender is a supposedly tough, rugged smartphone that’s aimed at people who live active lifestyles. It’s a life-proof phone that’s built to take all the abuses that you can throw at it.


Initial Impressions : A Phone That’s Built Like a Tank

If there’s one thing that all rugged phones share, it’s bulkiness. It’s not surprising – to be able to adequately protect the delicate innards of the phone, you’ll need to put as much metal, rubber and plastic between it and the elements. As a result, the 4.7-inch phone is roughly the size of a 5.5-inch phone, and is as thick as Nokia phones of yore.

And just like those (almost) indestructible products from the Nords, the Defender is huge. It has a physical dimensions of 152 x 81 x 16.6mm, and has the ergonomics of a brick. The frame is made out of aluminum, and is complimented by big rubber bumpers on the corners of the device.

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