Hands on: Origin M-X99 M-class review


Ask a room full of engineers, city analysts or designers whether they have ever heard of a computer company called Origin and the answer is likely to be no. However, conduct a similar quick show of hands when it comes to those using a workstation PC – of either the desktop or notebook variety – and the overwhelming majority are likely to say yes.

That’s the challenge (and opportunity) that US-based gaming and professional computer builder, Origin PC, faces. And with the Origin M-X99 M-class, the firm has a chance of making a great lasting impression with a product that delivers the sort of punch that can usually only be found from tier-1 manufacturers (think Dell, Lenovo or HP).

Origin PC has three workstation tiers (S-class, M-class and L-class which stands for small, medium and large respectively) with corresponding price points. We got hold of the M-class with the Fractal Define Mini C case (the other option being the Phantek Evolv).

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