2017 Harley Davidson CVO Street Glide Review

Harley-Davidson’s Custom Vehicle Operations department puts together what one could call showroom-custom bikes that include many of the features that buyers commonly add on post-sale and borrows much of the Infotainment system used on the big touring models. For 2017, this hot-rod bagger features a new-and-improved suspension system to the table with the all-new, 114 cubic-inch, Milwaukee-Eight engine. Power output falls well above the 100 pound-foot mark — not surprising with a CVO machine — so it falls into the power-cruiser/stoplight-burner category. Performance, good looks and barrels of that Harley mystique push the CVO Street Glide over the top in my book, so join me while I check out the details of this vanity-stoking sled.



The CVO SG leads the way with a cut-down front fairing that retains the full length of the classic dresserfender, but with shorter sides and no trim. The beer-can fork covers come shot in monochrome to tie the various elements together visually, which is nice, but I think I prefer chrome in that particular spot, myself.

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