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Origin EVO-17S review: This thin gaming laptop tames even the mighty Core i9

Can you get a Core i9 in a “thin” laptop? Origin’s EVO-17S can. Origin PC’s EVO17-S says it’s okay to consider an inch-thick laptop “thin.”

Lenovo Legion Y720 Review

Pros / Awesome speakers; Xbox wireless controller adapter built in; Decent battery life Cons / Ugly; Dim display; Mixed productivity performance and slow SSD Verdict

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Ask a room full of engineers, city analysts or designers whether they have ever heard of a computer company called Origin and the answer is

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Origin PC Eon15-S (2017) review

A new crop of low-cost but reasonably fast gaming systems has been made possible by Nvidia’s recent GTX 1050 Ti graphics processor, including the Lenovo

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There’s no denying that Origin PC’s Omni custom-build all-in-one is fast, or that with its 34-inch curved display it delivers a great gaming experience. It’s

Origin Genesis Review : $9,000 of Gaming Greatness

Man oh man, do I love an outlandish piece of tech. So when I first saw the Origin PC Genesis and its over-the-top painted chassis,

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Origin Eon 17 SLX Review

Origin PC has never been afraid to give gamers what they want. If that means cramming a ridiculous number of high-end components into a custom-painted

Origin PC Millennium (2015) Review

THE GOOD Blistering overall performance Attractive design Highly customizable THE BAD Huge Can get noisy VERDICT The Origin PC Millennium is as pretty as it