GPD WIN Review: Mobile Windows 10 for gaming

Windows has indeed changed, partly thanks to some strategic licensing changes. Previously only seen in desktops and laptops, Microsoft’s operating system can now be found in all sorts of devices, even those not blessed by Redmond. Those range from cheap 2-in-1 tablets to mini PCs to project to, well, gaming handhelds.

GPD, short for GamePad, has made gaming devices before, but all of those ran on Android and exploited emulators, probably the easiest thing to do. With GPD WIN, however, the China-based company decided to try its hand at delivering the same experience with a very big twist. This review dives into one of the first attempts at a portable, full Windows 10 machine intended for gaming.


Stormy Journey

While the GPD WIN is already an intriguing device in itself, it is made all the more colorful because of its history. And those colors are not all bright and rosy. See, GPD WIN wasn’t a completely finished product but, like many such big dreams, started out on a crowdfunding platform. Indiegogo, in this case. Never mind the uncertainty of reaching its funding goal. The idea struck a chord at the hearts of gamers that the project raised seven times its funding goal by the time doors closed in late April. That,however, was hardly the end of the story.

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