Review: Funlux Smart Wireless Mini CAM security camera

Consumer-grade home security cameras are a safety blanket, a source of reassurance while you’re traveling or when the babysitter is over. Security cameras like the Nest Cam let you take a peek in or around your home even if you’re not home, they keep watch while you’re asleep, send notifications when you’re not looking, and are an excellent way to make sure your insurance company honors a claim. They also tend to be expensive.

The Nest Cam, for example, costs $185 USD, give or take a bit depending on retailer. That’s not much relative to peace of mind and video evidence, but maybe you don’t have a couple hundred dollars to drop on a small camera. The market has no shortage of inexpensive security cameras, but no one would blame you for being gun-shy about them — cheap security cameras tend to be more hassle than they’re worth.

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