How Will AI Change Our Future and Internet?

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the ability of digital computers to perform tasks that are associated with intelligent beings. Or it can also be referred to as a branch of computer science that deals with building smart machines, designing them to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. 

AI has become incredibly popular and useful in today’s world. The simulation of natural intelligence in machines and programming them to learn and mimic the actions of humans is something that has never been done before. What’s more, these machines are able to learn through experience and grow as well. This technology has a great impact on the quality of life which will be explored in this article. 

How will AI change our future?

The technology of artificial intelligence has had a big impact on many different kinds of industries and it doesn’t look like it is going to stop anytime soon. Rather it is growing, considering how the pandemic accelerated the adoption of technology in daily lives. In fact, both the private and public institutions and organizations have found it to be important leverage for their own advantage and growth. Artificial technology has been able to advance the technology of IoT, robotics, analytics, voice assistants, etc. and some of those will be explored below;

  • Healthcare. Artificial Intelligence was definitely a game-changer in the healthcare setting. AI introduced several types of research for developing AI-powered applications that would help doctors to diagnose patients. The future of healthcare might introduce robots interacting with patients, checking on their health conditions, and evaluating the further need for an appointment with a doctor. Though we will still need doctors, nurses, scientists, etc. but the AI technology will make it easier to generate clinical and healthcare data.
  • Retail. Thanks to AI-powered drones, it is possible to have a 5-pound package delivered in less than thirty minutes. Tech giants like Amazon are already working to determine the reliability of the drones’ operations for delivering packages. There is no tentative date as to when will that be made possible but you can definitely expect that to happen in the next decade. Along with autonomous delivery, the future of AI in retail also includes customization of virtual racks according to data-defined persona, dressing room with screens, etc. This option makes consumer choice less stressful and chaotic.
  • Job Opportunities. The most common misconception with AI technology is the fear that AI will take our job opportunities. But that is not the case. In fact, artificial technology automating all kinds of work will give us more chances to think of a comfortable future for ourselves, leading to the creation of new job opportunities. According to a report released by the World Economic Forum on the Future of Jobs, artificial intelligence technology will introduce 58 million new job opportunities by 2022. Although there is a chance that by 2030, AI will outperform us in all menial human tasks, that doesn’t mean it will take away our job opportunities. 

How will AI change the Internet?

AI really changed the way we can communicate with virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa for mundane tasks like turning down the thermostat or unlocking the door. Things that were already too impossible a few decades ago might already be made possible under the influence of AI technology. 

Internet traffic usually becomes complex to manage and monitored, but AI can help network managers understand traffic patterns and identify security threats. Or at a basic level in any company, Ai can help perform tasks that are normally done by the IT helpdesk e.g. troubleshooting employee computer problems. This gives IT professionals save time and look through other ways to implement security practices in their systems and networks. 

AI algorithm can build a website from scratch in such a way that it can determine the type of website that one is making and offer suggestions. Moreover, AI also helps users to navigate through websites. For instance, AI will help you navigate through the Comcast website and browse their  Xfinity Internet  plans. This can provide an improved user experience for everyone. 

In short, there are unlimited possibilities to how AI technology can shape our future and the internet.