Top 15 Craziest Concept Cars 2020

We’ve all seen the cyber truck but
believe it or not even more unusual cars
have been designed let’s take a look at
the top 15 craziest concept cars number 15
Renault Tresor first showcased at the
Paris Motor Show in 2016
the Renault Tresor has been designed
without lines of across the body and the
only obvious seam is where the clamshell
roof connects with the main body that’s
right in this concept they’ve done away
with the idea of doors altogether and
instead passengers enter the car after
the roof is open forward on struts with
a carbon-fiber frame it’s one of the
most aerodynamic designs ever which in
theory allows it to accelerate from zero
to 62 miles per hour in under 4 seconds
the two-seater vehicle is fully electric
and has a red interior as well as a red
tinted windshield it has an LED
touchscreen that’s covered in Gorilla
Glass across the center console and when
it’s driving an autonomous mode the
rectangular steering wheel which also is
covered with a touchscreen can extend
wider to give the driver a panoramic
view of the dashboard controls number 14
Honda augmented driving concept Honda’s
augmented driving concept is based upon
the fact that cars of the future will be
mainly controlled by unboard computer
systems but there will be times when the
passengers still want to take control of
things for themselves not only have
they’ve gone for a radical design for
the open-top vehicle but they’ve also
revisited the steering wheel to bring it
into the modern age tapping it twice
will turn it on
pulling it will slow the car down and
pushing it will cause it to accelerate
all the time the car sensors will be
monitoring the drivers actions and
intentions and will be on hand to take
over control when required across eight
different modes that switch between
autonomous and semi autonomous operation
number 13 out EPB 18
each Ron looking like it’s taken a trip
back from the future the Audi PB 18 each
Ron is outies attempt at an electric
supercar concept and after being first
shown in 2018 they said at least 50
versions of the vehicle will roll off
the production line by 2021 it has three
electric motors one that’s attached to
the front axle and two that are on the
rear one and together they’re able to
generate 661 brake whore
power to allow the car to accelerate
from zero to 62 miles per hour in under
two seconds by using a solid-state
battery the manufacturer claims it has a
range of 361 miles and amazingly can be
fully recharged within just 15 minutes
what’s particularly clever about this
design is that it uses a fully
fly-by-wire system which actually allows
the configuration of the interior to be
adapted as required it’s standard setup
is as a two-seater and if you’re
traveling alone the passenger seat can
fold down and the driver’s seat moves
across to the center to quickly turn
into a single seater number 12
Mercedes vision equ silver arrow the
stunning concept vehicle from Mercedes
is the vision e to Silver Arrow and if
this is what cars are going to look like
in the future why would we ever use any
other form of transport designed to be
as aerodynamic as possible it has fluid
lines and smooth seamless surfaces and
was created in homage to the W 125
Silver Arrow that broke the public road
speed record in 1937 record that stood
until 2017 the single seater vehicle has
lighting strips and an illuminated logo
along with the multi spoke wheels that
are finished in rose gold the interior
is on another level with a curved
panoramic screen that projects your
surroundings onto it and highlight road
markings to make them easier to see and
even superimpose images of other
vehicles to allow you to take part in a
virtual race the touchscreen on the
steering wheel allows you to select the
usual options but also gives you the
ability to cycle through engine sounds
that will play out over the otherwise
silent running of this electric car with
a range of around 250 miles and a top
speed of 268 miles per hour it’s proof
that the future of car design is very
exciting indeed number 11 Aston Martin
who looked on division is no doubt that
Aston Martin creates some of the most
beautiful cars on the road and if their
concepts are truly anything to go by
this is destined to remain true well
into the future
the Lagaan division is according to the
company a statement for how they
envision becoming the first admission
free luxury brand but the first plan to
be on sale in 2021
lagonda to represent next-generation
automotive luxury by using electric
motors they’re able to significantly
increase the cabin space of the vehicle
with plenty of room for four passengers
and a sleek elegant look that’s created
by the use of carbon fiber ceramics silk
and cashmere the doors open up out into
the roof so passengers to walk into the
car and stand in front of the seating
before sitting down instead of having to
get in and the front seats are able to
spin around to look towards those that
are sat behind number 10 Lamborghini
terzo Milenio the Lamborghini terzo
Milenio which stands for third millennia
was an electric car that the company
revealed in 2017 and was the first
design that resulted from a multi-year
partnership with the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology
instead of using batteries power is
provided from a high-capacity super
capacitor which are able to capture and
release energy at the same time each of
the wheels which have an orange glow
have their own electric motor which
gives an incredible amount of control
over the torque and means it’s a
four-wheel-drive vehicle it also comes
equipped with an autonomous driving
system that’s designed for use on
but the most impressive thing about it
is within its chassis design it’s made
fully from carbon fiber that has been
fitted with a number of sensors and an
onboard health monitoring system which
means that if any damage is detected
such as cracks or dents in the panels
the carbon nanotubes are actually able
to repair themselves number nine DSX eat
tents if there’s one thing you expect
from a car design it’s that it’ll be
symmetrical but the DSX eat tents throws
that convention by the wayside with what
looks like two halves of different
models stuck together
the 1360 brake horsepower machine is the
company’s impression of what vehicles
will be like by 2035 and needless to say
they’ve gone all out it’s fully electric
and autonomous but on one side it’s a
ruthless driver cockpit with a steering
wheel and a stunning instrument display
while the other side is the comfortable
cocoon where you can sit and let the
on-board computer deal with all the hard
work the futuristic materials it’s made
from will be able to repair themselves
from minor knocks and scrapes and a
somewhat unnerving design choice the
floor of the passenger compartment is
made of glass so you’ll be able to see
the road as it speeds past below one of
the most ingenious inclusions is that of
the lights
rather than being singular bulbs like in
the designs of today the plan is for the
cars body itself to be the light source
giving a much wider and adaptable beam
that can be virtually any color or shape
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number eight BMW I vision dynamics
concept premiering at Frankfurt Auto
Show in 2017 the BMW I vision dynamics
concept was designed to show what the
company envisage for its new range of
vehicles they plan to begin selling in
2021 the futuristic aesthetics are
inspired by concept vehicles of theirs
from previous years although they admit
that some of what they call the
flamboyant touches will be toned down
for the full release it’s fully electric
power taking advantage of recent
developments in battery technology and
with a top speed of 120 miles per hour
and a range of 372 miles on a single
charge it’s perfectly feasible
proposition for day-to-day use it’s at
the core of BMWs plans to offer
virtually a full range of electric
vehicles by 2025 and what looks like
this customer’s surely won’t need much
convincing to get onboard
number 7 Audi AI trail in 2019 ow d
announced its vehicle the AI trail an
off-road concept that they believe would
be available as soon as 2030 rather than
owning a car from multiple uses they
envisioned us ordering a vehicle for the
activity that we’re about to go and do
so this is a pure SUV through and
through there are four electric motors
one on each wheelbase which gives it
four-wheel-drive capability and it has a
top speed of 81 miles per hour on roads
with a range of 155 miles off-road the
windshield gives an incredibly wide
viewing range which even allows you to
see the tires is also plenty of room
inside because it’s fully controlled
from your faller so without any displays
around the interior the space they
usually take up can be used for storage
tire pressure can be adjusted while on
the move depending on the terrain but
this vehicle really comes into its own
at night you may have noticed there are
no headlights but this is because
they’re installed on two autonomous
drones which will fly ahead and light
the way for you number six Citroen 1919
the Space Age Citroen 1919 truly is a
vehicle of the future where comfort has
taken a priority over every other
element it’s intended to be just as
useful across long distances as these
short ones
and his fully autonomous thanks to the
installation of lidar pods on the rear
of the roof the large doors open to a
roomy cabin and instead of an instrument
display all the information is shown on
a heads-up display this removes
virtually all the switches and buttons
that you’d normally see inside and
creates a more restful environment in
automatic mode there isn’t even a
steering wheel or pedals but when a
driver wants to steer for themselves the
pedals lower into position and the
steering wheel unfolds almost like a
periscope while the concept version
doesn’t currently have an AI capable of
driving it the electric vehicle is
operational with a human at the controls
and by all accounts it’s an equal
measure surreal as it is great fun
number five
Toyota lq the principle behind the
design of the Toyota lq is that drivers
and their vehicles don’t have a close
enough bond with one another
so by the inclusion of a
state-of-the-art advanced AI called ue
this car will become one of your best
friends it’s fully electric and has SAE
level 4 automated driving system which
means no human involvement is required
and so cabin comfort is the main focus
passengers are being constantly
monitored and the AI will adjust the
temperature based on the drivers mood
and state of alertness and will further
attempt to engage the driver emotionally
to keep them happy during their journey
virtually every control inside the
vehicle will be voice-activated even so
far as to adjust the lighting levels and
release calming sense into the air and
the AI will also choose its own musical
playlist to evoke the emotions it thinks
the drive will most benefit from lights
in the footwell will be used to show
whether the car is an autonomous driving
mode or is being controlled manual and a
heads-up display will be projected into
the windshield to prevent driver eye
movement while providing them with all
the information they require when
they’re in control if the thought of
turning over so much to the choices of
an AI doesn’t quite appeal to you
there’s one good piece of news it’s
unlikely that anything to this level
will be possible for at least another
decade at which time it’ll become so
prevalent that will already have become
accustomed to it
number four Terrafugia tf-x if you’re
looking for what the cars of the future
are going to be like then the Terrafugia
tf-x is one design that we can’t see
soon enough developed by the Boston
based design company it’s immediately
clear that this concept vehicle is more
than it initially seems the space inside
for three people this autonomous vehicle
is partially electric with two 600 brake
horsepower motors and a 33 brake
horsepower fuel engine it’s top speed on
the road or its range hasn’t been
announced yet by the company but that’s
because they’ve focused on its standout
ability the fact that it can fly to the
retractable wings fold out on a
combination of propellers that are
attached to them and a ducted fan at the
rear mean is able to perform vertical
takeoffs and landing flights are
completely autonomous with the on-board
computer steering towards the designated
landing zone in accordance with safety
features designed to avoid controlled
airspace and as a top speed of 200 miles
per hour and a range of 500 miles
meaning it’ll be ideal for all but the
longest of journeys Terrafugia fully
intended to turn this concept into a
reality the starting price of $300,000
which makes it surprisingly affordable
number 3 Genesis essentia cars aren’t
simply a means of getting from one place
to another and what the ascend SIA
Genesis the luxury arm of Hyundai have
developed something that will get you
there in style while having a great deal
of fun in the process
it’s a two by two all-electric GT which
has a double bubble style canopy and
stunning curvaceous lines the fully
carbon-fiber body has all of the battery
technology fitted into the central spine
which allows the seat to be positioned
much lower than in any other vehicle by
using multiple electric motors and
high-density batteries the plan is for
it to be able to go from 0 to 60 miles
per hour in under 3 seconds and the
gloriously aerodynamic contours surely
mean it’ll be able to reach top speeds
far in excess of this a fingerprint
sensor and facial recognition system
recognizes when the owner of the car is
approaching which opens the butterfly
doors that lift up along with part of
the roof and it’s also able to
communicate with home based systems so
can automatically turn on when you leave
the front door of your house
turn on the heating at home when you
start to drive in that direction or even
offer the trunk as a storage place for
deliveries if you’re not in when they
arrive they really have packed as much
technology under the hood as possible
which means that driving a vehicle like
this will be a true joy number 2 renault
easy go renault revealed their
electronic taxi concept the easy go in
2018 which is designed to exist in a
future where car ownership is a thing of
the past and we simply order one when we
need to travel fully autonomous they
have a maximum speed of 31 miles per
hour because of the single electric
motor on the rear axle but has
four-wheel steering to allow it to
easily traverse the demands of urban
environments the glass side panel opens
up to gain access to the interior which
has space for six passengers arraigned
in a u-shape looking towards the side
the roof opens up from the front to
provide storage space and an extendable
ramp will automatically reach out to the
curb to ensure ease of entry the easy go
was deliberately designed to look very
different from traditional renault
vehicles and they helped a production
version may be available as soon as 2030
number one mercedes-benz vision a VTR if
you want to see the most futuristic and
most alien light concept car in the
world then look no further because the
mercedes-benz vision a VTR looks like
it’s been delivered directly from
Pandora unsurprisingly it was developed
in conjunction with the design team
behind avatar and it was the clear star
of the show at the CES in Las Vegas in
early 2020 it incorporates an organic
design and uses materials that make far
better use of heat that’s being
generated from the electric motors and
even a hologram based human machine
interface adaptable aerodynamics are
introduced here for the first time in
the form of individual Bionic flaps that
look like reptile scales and can be
deployed to adjust the air flowing over
the vehicle in response to changing
conditions round tires are a thing of
the past
replaced with spherical versions which
give increased maneuverability and are
less impactful on their surroundings as
well as being able to twist up by 30
degrees which means the car can move
sideways at a crab-like movement this
car will speak to you to find out where
you want to go
and after giving it your instructions
all you’ll need to do is sit back and
comfort and let it do all the rest with
an interior based upon flowing shapes of
waves and flowers this looks to be the
most comfortable efficient and enjoyable
ride to ever be created
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