Comparison : H-D Heritage Softail Classic vs. Moto Guzzi Eldorado vs. Triumph Thunderbird LT

Imagine that you’ve always pined for a certain kind of American-style cruiser. Lots of chrome, classic looks, big engine. Tall bars and floorboards are your thing—leave the dragstrip refugees to someone else. But your mission is a little more complicated than a simple summertime ride around town or to the multiplex a couple of cities over. You want this unashamedly patriotic machine to be capable of some touring and to be practical enough that you’ll use it for commuting occasionally.

And because the cruiser market is already pretty finely sliced, let’s get a little more specific. Your taste runs toward simple Plexiglas windscreens—no full or even half fairings for you—and if there are to be saddlebags, they need to look like they were once part of a cow. Plastic is for pool toys, and fiberglass is for boats. At least that’s how you see it. So now you’re out of the realm of the Harley-Davidson Road King, Kawasaki’s Vulcan Vaquero, and even Moto Guzzi’s California Touring—all bikes that, while compelling, don’t exactly meet your tightly defined criteria for cruiser perfection.

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