2021 Kawasaki KLX140R F Review: Off-Road Motorcycle Test

Kawasaki’s changes to the model designations of its KLX family of dirt bikes give us a chance to revisit old favorites—in this case, the 2021

2021 Kawasaki KLX300 Review (11 Fast Facts For Dual Sport Riding)

Last year Kawasaki brought the off-road-only KLX300R back to the market, which we have reviewed. This year, Kawasaki has upgraded the long-running KLX250 dual-sport motorcycle to

2021 Kawasaki KLX300SM Review – First Ride

Is Kawi’s new supermoto the best new beginner bike on the market? The 2021 Kawasaki KLX300SM might be the best new beginner motorcycle on the

2021 Kawasaki KLX300SM Review (13 Fast Facts – Street + Supermoto)

Last year, Kawasaki introduced the KLX300R dirt bike to its off-road lineup. We anticipated a dual sport version of the KLX300R, and we got it


WHAT’S NEW:  ∙ Wider track and longer wheelbase courtesy of revised A‐arms.  ∙ High‐performance FOX 2.0 LSC Piggyback Shocks with longer travel and revised suspension

Kawasaki Is Bringing The KLR650 Back For 2022

It’s new and improved, but also kinda the same. Good news, dual-sport fans; the Kawasaki KLR650 is back. One of Kawasaki’s most popular models since

2021 Kawasaki KLX230R S First Look (8 Fast Facts)

Just a year after the debut of the Kawasaki KLX230R trail bike, we get our first look at the 2021 Kawasaki KLX230R S. While it is

2022 Kawasaki KLR650 First Look (14 Fast Facts)

2018 was a dark year for Kawasaki KLR650 enthusiasts. It was the last year of the much-loved venerable big-bore dual-sport model that debuted in 1987.

2021 Kawasaki Ninja 400 Buyer’s Guide: Specs, Photos + Prices

A highly versatile motorcycle, the 2021 Kawasaki Ninja 400 is here with both ABS and non-ABS versions. There are no changes to the parallel-twin powered

2021 Aprilia RS660 Track Review

Half of an RSV4, but just as much fun Even before I first rode the Aprilia RS660, I feared this would finally be the bike

2021 Benelli TRK502X Review (14 Fast Facts for Adventure Touring)

The 2021 Benelli TRK502X is bringing mid-size adventure to the motorcycle market at an attractive price. At $6399, the 500cc twin is $500 more than

2021 Yamaha TT-R125LE Review: Movin’ On Up Trailbike

Slotted as a transitional motorcycle in Yamaha’s four-model TT-R four-stroke trailbike lineup, the 2021 Yamaha TT-R125LE suits growing youths and smaller adults. It will comfortably

2021 Kawasaki KX250X Review (13 First Ride Fast Facts)

There is a boom going on in the off-road motorcycle world, and Kawasaki is not missing out. The all-new 2021 Kawasaki KX250X is the brand’s


Kawasaki has totally revamped its 2021 Ninja ZX-10R and ZX-10RR superbikes. The motorcycles, built with input from Kawasaki Racing Team (KRT), won the past seven

2021 Kawasaki KLX 300 And KLX 300SM First Look

Fans of lightweight versatile motorcycles rejoice! Kawasaki has announced two new motorcycles for 2021 built around the 2021 KLX 300 platform. The first is the


We met the Kawasaki Z H2 last year, and now it’s time to upgrade. The 2021 Kawasaki Z H2 SE takes the standard supercharged H2

2021 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R And ZX-10RR – A Detailed First Look

Kawasaki’s much anticipated, and heavily revised, ZX-10R has finally been announced, and it’s bringing along its race-bred sibling in the ZX-10RR, too. Rumors about an

1984 Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo Vs. 2020 Kawasaki H2 Carbon Vs. Ken Vreeke And JB

I thought I was picking up a new Z H2 naked at Kawasaki, but there was some miscommunication. I got this H2 Carbon instead, the

2021 Aprilia RS660 Review – First Ride

I knew this day would come eventually. I didn’t expect it to take so long, but I suppose good things like the Aprilia RS660 are

2021 Kawasaki KX450X Review: Off-Road Motorcycle Test (14 Fast Facts)

Kawasaki is re-entering the open-class off-road racing market in 2021 with its all-new KX450X motorcycles. The 2021 Kawasaki KX450X is 100 percent built for racing

Buyer’s Guide: 2021 Kawasaki Vulcan S, ABS, and Cafe ABS

The three-model Kawasaki Vulcan S family returns for ’21, with no changes other than colors and a $100 price increase across the board. Returning is

Kawasaki SX-R review: Stand-up Jet Ski delivers extreme performance

MBY editor Hugo Andreae takes his first ride on the Kawasaki SX-R stand-up Jet Ski to see if this pumped up speed machine really is

2020 Kawasaki Z650 Review (11 Fast Facts – Urban + Sport Motorcycle)

The Kawasaki Z650 is one of our favorite mid-size upright sportbikes and returns for 2020 with a few changes. Smartly leaving the well-developed basic sporting


Kawasaki has just dropped the wildest side by side ever to hit the ground with their name on it. Team Green is letting the good

2021 Teryx KRX 1000 Trail and SE Models

With the Teryx KRX 1000 already the source of great excitement in the sport side x side category, Kawasaki has added two new models to

2020 Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 First Ride

Kawasaki finally has a dog in the fight. The 2020 Kawasaki KRX 1000 features suspension with massive components that should be tough enough to withstand

2020 BMW F900R Vs Kawasaki Z900 : $9000 And 900cc – Who Does It Better?

There are a million ways to skin a cat, as they say, and the field that is the 900cc-ish middleweight naked bike segment is a


Anyone notice how the sport-touring class of motorcycles has nearly vanished? At one time, even niche manufacturers such as Ducati and Aprilia proffered appealing machines

2020 Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX Review – First Ride

124 smooth-galloping horses, cruise control, $12,400 – what’s not to like? When we last left the Ninja 1000 in 2017, all we could complain about was


For Ultimate Motorcycling‘s first ride of the 2021 Kawasaki KX450, I headed to the world-famous Glen Helen Raceway to put a few hours on the 2021 model. This