Gorgeous Abarth 1000 SP Roadster started life as an Alfa Romeo 4C

Decades ago, the Abarth name was more than a high-end trim level on some Fiat cars. In the 1950s and 1960s, Abarth was the name

2007 Honda Civic Type R (FD2) v 2021 Honda Civic Type R (FK8) comparison

Honda’s last naturally aspirated Civic Type R goes toe-to-toe with its modern-day turbocharged counterpart. “Due to higher than anticipated demand, the Civic Type R is

Porsche 911 GT2 RS Racing Kit Will Be Available in the U.S. Soon

Starting next year, 911 GT2 RS owners can retrofit their cars with the Manthey-Racing kit, which includes chassis and aerodynamic revisions. Porsche’s Tequipment parts and

Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 debuts in Asphalt 9: Legends on May 13

The Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 is a jaw-dropping, track-only hypercar equipped with the most potent naturally aspirated V12 engine in Lamborghini’s history. Lamborghini is only making

2022 Next Gen Mustang for NASCAR racing revealed

Ford has been participating in the NASCAR Cup Series for many years. The Mustang became the car Ford used in the racing series in 2019,

The Lamborghini Urus’ high-speed ice record is now official

Last March, the Lamborghini Urus set a new top speed record at the Days of Speed event on top of frozen Lake Baikal. The Lambo

Tougher new Toyota HiLux GR Sport just months away

Gazoo Racing-tuned off-road suspension and chunkier design coming for Ford Ranger Raptor rival The top-selling Toyota HiLux ute range currently tops out at under $70,000

The Suzuki Misano concept is a new speedster with motorcycle-inspired tandem seating

The Suzuki Misano is a new concept vehicle developed by Instituto Europeo di Design (IED) students in Torino, Italy. It’s a futuristic-looking compact speedster inspired

2022 Porsche 911 GT3 First Drive Review: Resetting The Benchmark

In an era when many performance cars have adopted forced induction, electrification, or some combination of the two in the interest of headline-grabbing statistics, the

OnePlus 9 Pro VS Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro Quick Comparison: Which one is Beast?

Recently, it should be the most violent time for the wave of new phones. Various mobile phone manufacturers have gathered together to release new phones and are

2022 Toyota GR 86 debuts with a new name and a bigger engine

The 2022 Toyota GR 86 recently debuted online, five months after the new Subaru BRZ made its official debut last year. And this got us

Audi S8 Vs Porsche Panamera 4S E-Hybrid Drag Race Has Undisputed Winner

Racer Daniel Abt has a new drag racing series on YouTube, and for the first installment, he’s running an Audi S8 against a Porsche Panamera

How to buy cars with crypto

The concept of buying new wheels using crypto has been around for quite long now. Earlier, there were some doubts about this currency, and entrepreneurs

Toyota Yaris Cross Adventure Debuts With Rugged Upgrades

The Toyota Yaris Cross made its first official appearance almost a year ago and it has already received a visual upgrade in the form of

X-Power 33C first look: Danish sailing yard aims for speed and comfort

Danish shipyard X-Yachts has been building well-respected racing/cruiser sailing yachts for over 40 years but 2021 will be a milestone year for the brand as

Rocket League is coming to iOS and Android, but not as you know it

Psyonix is building a brand new version of the insanely popular arcade-style, football-meets-racing title Rocket League for mobile devices, and it’s coming this year. Rocket

Lamborghini Urus grabs ice racing speed record

Lamborghini sent its fast SUV called the Urus to Lake Baikal for the Days of Speed event at the frozen lake. Lamborghini’s goal was to

What is the OnePlus Gaming Trigger? New OnePlus 9 accessory revealed

Alongside the OnePlus 9 series of phones and the new OnePlus Watch, the company used its March 23 showcase to reveal an accessory called the

2021 Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition commemorates return to Formula 1 racing

Aston Martin is back in the racing paddocks for the 2020 Formula 1 season. Celebrating Aston’s return is the 2021 Vantage F1 Edition model featuring

2022 GasGas TXT Trial Lineup First Look: Please Stand By

The 2022 GasGas TXT trial lineup—Racing and high-end GP two-stroke trials bikes—is now public. The motorcycles are largely unchanged from last year, with the motors

HP’s Reverb G2 is the ultimate headset for sim racing in VR

Sim racing is a wonderful thing, a chance to build and test your driving skills in a safe, (relatively) affordable environment. And, given the state

McLaren 720S GT3X takes race-ready to another level

The standard McLaren 720S is as extreme as a road-ready supercar should be, but the newest 720S GT3X is taking the word ‘extreme’ to a

McLaren 720S GT3X Debuts Ignoring Racing Rulebook With 710 HP

The newly launched McLaren 720S GT3X takes the brand’s existing track car and throws out all of the rules to create the ultimate circuit-carving machine.

2021 Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled Fasthouse First Look

In celebration of the Fasthouse-sponsored Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled winning the Hooligan Class at the 2020 Mint 400, Ducati has created the 2021 Ducati Scrambler

DJI FPV Combines Cinematic Shooting Chops With Race-Ready 87-MPH Top Speed

Some drone kits come with first-person view goggles that allow you to experience flying a drone as if you’re sitting inside the cockpit. It’s a popular option

Porsche may step into F1 competition

Formula 1 racing fans are always on the lookout for more competition and better-performing cars. Something interesting has surfaced that claims iconic sports car manufacturer

Everything you need to know about Gran Turismo 7: Release date, trailer and more

Gran Turismo is one of the most storied of all racing game franchises, a simulator that was offering realistic racing well before many of its

Aston Martin’s return to F1 will benefit future models

Formula 1 tech to rub off on Aston’s upcoming EVs and hypercars Aston Martin will return to Formula 1 for the first time in more

The DJI FPV drone takes you into the skies with its 4K camera and video goggles

The DJI FPV has now officially touched down – and the new ‘First Person View’ drone is a compelling mixture of a speedy racing drone

Hands on: DJI FPV drone review

The DJI FPV is a new take on the ‘First Person View’ drone – and it’s a pretty exciting one if you’ve ever fancied feeling