Are electronic cars worth buying?

As people become more concerned and considerate towards climate change, electric vehicles are gaining ground. Since people are opting more for EVs these days, those trying to switch to them often ask, ‘are electronic cars worth buying’? 

Electric cars have so much going for them. Apart from protecting our local environment, they will save you big on fuel. Thanks to their less complex moving components, they are easier to handle and a lot cheaper to maintain and the great news is you can get slightly used cool cars under 10k.

 Ah! Don’t get us started on the drive experience, these cars are heaven for car enthusiasts. The swift drive without having to deal with gears or a noisy engine is worth your every penny. Here we have listed some best electric cool cars under 10k. While the new ones would cost you a fortune, these are slightly used ones that come under 10k. 

6 Best Used-Electric Cars Under 10k:

Until the last few years, it seemed like EVs had the impression of being ‘toys for the wealthy’. However, in 2017, when Tesla introduced its first-ever affordable EV, the electric Model 3, EVs’ overall perception has been changed.

Luckily, we have now a more budget-friendly alternative for EVs. So if you are ready to go all-electric with a budget of $10k, consider you have gotten your perfect match. 

1) Chevy Volt Plug-in Hybrid (2013 or 2014)


  • Front-wheel drive
  • 37 combined mpg
  • Hatchback
  • 4-seats
  • 177.10″ length, 56.64″ height

The Chevy Volt is a plug-in hybrid hatchback that drivers love for its flexibility and reliability. It is perfect for running your daily errands. It gives you an option to use the gas engine and top your speed to 300 miles. Chevy Volt’s drivers have positively reviewed the car and claimed to have felt no need to fill up their tanks. 

2) Ford Energi C-Max Hybrid (2014 or 2015)


  • 188 hp @ 6,000 rpm
  • Front-wheel drive
  • 40 MPG
  • 5 seater
  • Hybrid

Ford Energi C-Max hybrid is an affordable EV alternative that boasts great fuel economy. Although the electric range is just 20 mi, you can extend your trip to 550, including gas. Those who don’t mind switching to gasoline back and forth would find it of great value. And those who have access to a 220V plug can get the car fully charged in just 7 hours. 

3) VW e-Golf (2015)


  • Top speed: 87 mph
  • 199 lb-ft; 24.2-kWh lithium-ion battery pack
  • Zero to 60 mph: 10.0-sec
  • Hatchback
  • 5 seater
  • Front-wheel drive

A used VW e-Golf would e a great fit if you are looking for an affordable yet reliably EV alternative. While the original EPA is 83 miles, the used ones could hit 50 miles efficiently. If you have a 220V plug-in, you will achieve a fully-recharged car in just 4 hours, much less time than other EVs. The drivers of the 1970s Volkswagen had loved VW e-Golf’s drive. The best thing about this car is, that it is low maintenance and would work great for new EV drivers.

4) Nissan LEAF (2015)


  • 0 combined mpg
  • Hatchback
  • 5 seater
  • 175″ length, 61″ height
  • Front-wheel drive

The Nissan Leaf is famous for having mass-market shares and loyal customers. A brand new one is rated at 84 miles. Used ones may still give 60-70 miles, depending on the car’s condition. However, you might need to consider one thing before buying this car. Older models were extremely sensitive to hot climates, so we suggest you go through the vehicle’s history before going for it. 

5) Fiat 500e


  • 93 – 116 bhp
  • 0- 60 mph (8.7 – 9.2 secs)
  • 8.7 – 9.2 secs fuel economy
  • 115 – 205 miles electric range

You can get your hands on a slightly used Fiat 500e with decent mileage is somewhere around $9000. People living in California would be thrilled to hear that they can find more inventory of Fiat 500e in their state. If you are satisfied with Spark EV, you will definitely love the Fiat 500e as it is a better version of Spark EV. 

6) Ford Focus Electric


  • Front-wheel drive
  • 184 RPM torque
  • 143 hp
  • 5 seaters
  • Fully electric

It might surprise a lot of you but pre-purchased Ford Focus electric’s prices have reduced to a great extent. You can easily find a used car for $9000 with 40,000 to 50,000 mileage. Although it will be hard to get 70 + miles of range, it is fully electric and offers a bigger room. 


So that was our list of cool cars under 10k. These might not be the best cars for long routes, but they will surely let you get rid of using fossil fuel and that’s what matters the most.

Also, their value won’t depreciate much if you take good care of them. They can be your best bet if you are looking for cheaper alternatives to your gasoline-powered car.