Chevy Volt

2020 BMW 745e xDrive Plug-In Hybrid Struggles as a Green Machine

While more powerful than its predecessor, the hybrid 7-series remains a luxury statement first. Plug-in hybrids, by their nature, exist in an awkward limbo between

Chevy Volt an electric, smooth and silent operator

With the usual Toronto traffic hell made worse recently by the Pan Am Games and the resulting temporary HOV lanes, and me, finding myself commuting

2016 Chevy Volt gets 106 MPGe fuel economy rating

Chevrolet struggled this year with sales of the plug is hybrid Volt. In April, sales were so slow for the vehicle that Chevy halted production

GM powers data center with used Chevy Volt batteries

General Motors believes old Chevy Volt (and eventually, Bolt) batteries have a future as backup power sources for houses and buildings that use renewable energy.

2016 Chevrolet Volt now has a price tag

It seems that Chevrolet is going full steam ahead with the 2016 model of its hybrid electric vehicle, the Chevy Volt. Now it has a