2017 Kawasaki Versys X-300 Review

Kawasaki enters the 2017 model year with an eye toward the small-displacement market, and the all-new Versys-X 300 is its weapon of choice for this new front. The “X” joins the rest of the adventure-bike lineup with the characteristic family flylines atop unique features all its own.

This bike is a sign that the adventure-bike segment is maturing. First there was the race to the top with ever larger displacements getting shoehorned in, and now the race to the bottom is underway to garner the entry-level crowd as well as the folks who prefer small-displacement machines. Since the entry-level riders are important for the cultivation of brand loyalty, and the multitudes of “Others” have their own reasons for keeping things small, this bike is an important step to fill out the potential of the class.

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