Living with the Apple Watch Nike+ : A strong sports-focussed smartwatch that we’ve already outgrown

Watches and smartwatches have primary jobs. Telling the time is an obvious one, and in the case of the smartwatch, delivering messages, tracking workouts, and being an always present digital assistant. But watches always have, and always will be, wrist-worn statements about your personality.

The Apple Watch Nike+ design broadcasts aspects of my personality: I work in tech, I’m a passionate runner and sportsman and dedicate a large chunk of my time to fitness. It looks good (in my opinion) and I enjoy wearing it – the bedrock of any good watch. But does the functionality match up to the reality?

Living with the Apple Watch Nike+

In the main, the Apple Watch Nike+ is an Apple Watch Series 2 with a lick of paint. If you’re here wondering what the Apple Watch is about, go read our Apple Watch Series 2 review. The headline change is built-in GPS, and the Nike+ leverages this for a focus on running.

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