2016 – 2017 Moto Guzzi Eldorado Review

I remember watching news clips on TV in the early-to mid 1970s for events taking place in California. The news had plenty to talk about with the Vietnam War and the protests resulting from it and other events whose historical impact escapes me right at this moment. What sticks in my mind was my fascination with the motorcycles the police were riding. Used by the Los Angeles police and the California Highway Patrol, the California model — dubbed the “Eldorado” here — stamped its name on the American motorcycling world and made us sit up and pay attention to Italian manufacturer Moto Guzzi .

Playing to the sport crowd in the mid 1970s meant death for the Eldorado 850. The iconic tourer was dumped for the sportier 850T, but Moto Guzzi was already entrenched. In fact, if you have one of those 1972-to-1974 Eldorado 850s, you have a gold mine. Thanks to Piaggio ’s willingness to let its brands stay true to themselves, the 2017 Eldorado carries the classy lines and the bold elegance of the Eldorado of yesteryear.

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