Analogue Nt Mini Review

Trying to play an NES cartridge on Nintendo’s original, 30-year-old hardware can be an exercise in frustration. The console’s ancient composite cables offer terrible image quality on modern televisions, and getting games to actually run is a ballet of reseating, jostling and, of course, blowing on game cartridges. Nintendo’s own NES Classic Edition and the Wii U and 3DS virtual consoles offer refuge for the casual gamer’s nostalgic yearnings, but collectors looking for an authentic, cartridge-based retro gaming experience have long suffered under the dark shadow of compromise. Is it better to play on the original, but unreliable, hardware, or an NES clone plagued with compatibility issues? With the Analogue Nt mini, you may not have to tolerate either — but at $449, Analogue’s compromise-free Nintendo doesn’t come cheap.

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