How to Take Great Photos with the Canon EOS 80D

The 24-megapixel EOS 80D continues Canon’s line of excellent midrange DSLRs. This $1,099 model produces great images and offers fast autofocus, improved dynamic range and high ISO performance.

Credit: Canon

The EOS 80D is a great camera for videographers, enthusiasts and those who want to grow their skills. Here are some quick and easy tips and tricks to help you make the most of this DSLR.

1. If you’re new to the 80D (or relatively new to DSLRs in general), first check out the Program auto mode (P). Once you’re comfortable with the concept of controlling shutter speed and aperture, then move on to the Tv (shutter-priority auto) mode and Av (aperture-priority) mode. From there, it’s much easier to move into M (manual) mode. See below for more information on the 80D’s exposure modes and suggestions on how and when to use each one.

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