QLED vs OLED TV: Who Wins?

When two closely related, similar sounding acronyms are bandied about, confusion is bound to ensue. Hence, QLED and OLED are causing some consternation among shoppers – and among some online reports – about what the differences are and which technology is superior.

Credit: Tom's Guide/LG

Credit: Tom’s Guide/LG

We’ve tested the leading models, including the Samsung Q7F ($3,600) and LG E7 ($3,999), and cut away the jargon to set the record straight about QLED and OLED – and tell you which is better.

Who are the players?

QLED is a marketing acronym created by Samsung for its high-end LCD TVs like the Q7F that use quantum-dot technology. The technology is not unique to Samsung, and it’s not new. Sony and Sharp have had quantum-dot sets on the market for some time going back at least four years. TCL and others have different types of quantum-dot TVs on store shelves. Quantum-dot sets are essentially a modification or addendum to conventional LCD TVs, which represent the majority of TVs on the market.

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