Xbox Series X can beat PS5 — here’s 3 reasons why

The Xbox Series X is all about the gaming ecosystem, not the black box

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is shaping up to be one very impressive console. Despite being clad in a rather minimal monolithic chassis, there’s a lot of clever engineering to ensure that the next-generation console can kick out superior power to Sony’s PS5 — 12 teraflops compared to 10.28 teraflops – yet keep cool.

And with ray-tracing support, dedicated audio hardware, and easily expandable storage, the Xbox Series X is offering a lot for what could be a $400 console that potentially undercuts the PS5. And in the long-term, that doesn’t matter.

Before you think that the summer heat has got to me, my reasoning for this outlandish opinion is because I think the Xbox Series X will simply be a component in a wider Xbox ecosystem. The next five years or so for Xbox will be less about a box that you connect to your TV and more a suite of services that could shift the way we approach gaming over the next decade.

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