What TV do I need for PS5 and Xbox Series X?

Gear up for PS5 and Xbox Series X with these TVs and accessories

The PS5 and Xbox Series X are coming later this year, but if you want a new TV now that will handle the 4K and high-frame rate gaming offered on the new consoles, you’ll need to buy a TV that has a few key features. As rumors have turned into official announcements, we’ve gotten a handle on some of the specific details, and any serious gamer will want to pay attention.

Even if you’re browsing our list of the best TVs, you won’t necessarily find your best bet, as not everything on the market will be a good match for the capabilities of the new gaming systems. From new connectivity standards to extremely high resolutions, even the best 4K TVs for gaming might come up short when you’re getting ready for what comes next.

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