Samsung UE65MU7000 review

Size might not be everything. But if your heart is set on a really big TV, nothing else will do. Of course, really big TVs often require really big bank accounts – particularly if you want the latest TV tech.

But not always. This Samsung UE65MU7000 proves that it’s possible to get a really good, really big, TV for not far north of £1500/$1500.


So what are you missing out on with a 65in TV at the more affordable end of the spectrum?

It’s not an OLED –  Samsung doesn’t make those, and it isn’t one of the company’s fancy QLEDs either.

Instead, what you’re getting is a TV from the everyday MU range, albeit from the higher-end 7000-series. The key difference between this and a QLED is the lack of quantum dots. Instead, this and other MU models use a standard LCD panel and LED backlight, which suggests colours will be less vibrant and contrast less striking than with a QLED or OLED alternative.

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