Sonos PlayBar review: An excellent wireless multi-room and TV speaker solution

The Sonos Playbar is specifically designed to sit under or above your wall-mounted TV, while the more recent Sonos Playbase, is designed to sit beneath your TV, acting as a base for sets that sit on top of furniture.

Of course you aren’t restricted to these setups with either speaker and despite being the older of the two, some will find the elongated Playbar preferable, while others will prefer the slimness and fresher design of the Playbase.

The Sonos Playbar’s design is dated in terms of the rest of the Sonos portfolio but it is still an excellent option for improving your TV sound, while also playing a big part in a Sonos multi-room system. It has had numerous software updates over the years, as well as a price hike of £100, so with all that in mind, has does the Playbar work, should you bother, and what does it sound like?

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