2019 BMW i8 Roadster First Look: Topless Hybrid

Given the choice between a coupe and a convertible, I’m always inclined to go with the latter, and now those who think similarly but who want a BMW i8 have an option. Just announced at the LA Auto Show 2017, the 2019 BMW i8 Roadster takes a sharp knife to the roof, though the differences between it and the also updated 2019 i8 Coupe are more than just the wind in your hair. Both have been in line for a number of improvements, including a welcome jolt of extra power.

Getting the most obvious difference out of the way: the top is gone. It’s replaced with a soft top, though still retains the distinctive BMW i design language that keeps the i8 Coupe looking fresh despite having been around for several years now. Unlike in the i8 Coupe, you do lose the two rear seats; in their place, BMW cleverly converted the space into roughly 100-liters of additional storage. While it means the Roadster loses the 2+2 designation of the Coupe, really the two seats were always fairly deceptive. They’re only really sized for two small children, rather than adults back there.

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