Sony XBR-X900E Review

The Sony XBR-X900E is Sony’s least-expensive to deliver truly excellent image quality, thanks in large part to full-array local dimming. That feature allows different areas of the screen to dim independently, and in my experience it’s the number one contributor to great picture quality on an LCD TV.

It’s no coincidence that the two other highest-rated LCD TVs I’ve reviewed this year, the Vizio M series and the 55-inch TCL 55P607, also use local dimming. Since those TVs cost significantly less than the X900E, and “it’s a Sony,” you might automatically assume they look worse. You’d be wrong. In my side-by-side comparisons each one showed advantages and disadvantages in different areas — the Sony has slightly worse black levels and contrast, for example, but the best HDR (high dynamic range) image of the three. In the end I rated all three the same for picture quality.

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