Samsung 2016 Tizen Smart TV System Review

What is Tizen?

While Samsung can be credited for inventing the idea of a ‘Smart TV,’ way back in 2008, they’re almost in the position of having just torn it all up and started afresh. The Tizen operating system – which is a serious departure from what went before – was first equipped in a Samsung TV in 2015 and it was a bold move, given their previous ‘Smart’ sets were probably the best on the market, in terms of the range of apps available and diversity of features. There’s little doubt that Samsung’s local rivals, LG, might have at least partially precipitated the move to Tizen, with their game-changing WebOSplatform in 2014, but it was always on the roadmap for Samsung.

So, what can Tizen do? Most folks reading this will no doubt be aware of at least some of what a Smart TV can do. Quite naturally, the most popular apps are those for video streaming, whether that be paid-for subscription services like Amazon and Netflix, or free-to-use ones like BBC iPlayer or YouTube; almost all new Smart TVs have at least three of these services available and lots more besides. Music streaming apps are also popular and there’s an increased focus on playing games through them, too, as internet speeds and graphics processing power both increase.

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