Philips 901F OLED TV with Ambilight review: A cracking 4K OLED debut

This year is fast shaping up to be the year of OLED, with a raft of hot new TV screens set to join LG’s vanishingly thin vanguard. Both Panasonic and Sony will offer high-end OLED screens as part of their 2017 line-ups, but the first brand convert out of the gate is Philips, with the 55-inch 9000 series 901F (or 55POS901F/12 to give it its full mouth-full-of-sandwiches moniker).

Philips aims to distinguish itself from the competition with its trademark Ambilight mood-lighting technology – which projects coloured light onto the surrounding walls, like an extension of the live image – and this transpires to be a very bright idea.

We’ve been testing an early review sample of the 901F and even after a long weekend of use switching it on still makes us giddy with excitement.

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