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In search of a high-quality, multi-purpose workhorse of a display? Then get a load of the new 32-inch, 4K Philips Brilliance 329P9H. It’s not the

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The Westinghouse WH32UX9019 is a $379 (about £320, AU$640), 32-inch 4K monitor that checks a few of the boxes people might be looking for in

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Second time’s a charm for Philips’ mid-range OLED model The OLED804 should be one of the best TVs you can currently buy, however, we’ve already

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The Philips 439P9H offers an expansive, super ultrawide screen with a massive resolution, high refresh rates, and overall excellent quality. Models like this are fantastic

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The Westinghouse 32” Ultra HD aims for a slice of the 4K monitor pie with a wallet-friendly 4K VA screen that’s ideal for everyday use.

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At the start of the year we pondered the innovations that could trouble the TV market in 2020, and one was TV manufacturers extracting better sound

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Best OLED TV: OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) screen technology offers the best contrast and black levels in the TV world. If you’re looking for a

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Philips has entered the sports headphones market with three new models now available in the Netherlands and some European regions, that are also coming to

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Philips’ Fidelio range rises like a phoenix from the flames with the X3 open-back cans First Impressions First impressions of the Fidelio X3 are that

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A 65in OLED TV with Ambilight and high-level picture processing for just £1650 What is the Philips 65OLED754? The Philips 65OLED754 is potentially the answer

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New Year, new resolutions – and new TVs on the horizon. But what innovations can we expect from this latest batch of screens? Every year,

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The OLED+ 934 is the first Philips flatscreen with an integrated Dolby Atmos soundsystem. While there’s no shortage of sets now sporting Dolby Atmos decoders,

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The Philips PH805 present a strong argument for not breaking the bank for headphones What is the Philips PH805? The Philips PH805 are the newest

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If you’re after a posh lifestyle TV, then this flagship OLED more than fits the bill What is the Philips 65OLED+984 4K OLED TV? The

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Laptops may account for the bulk of computer sales, but it’s hard to argue against the advantages of a big screen, especially when you have

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Is this the best-sounding TV ever? What is the Philips 984? The Philips 65OLED984 is a flagship 4K HDR OLED TV with a custom-built Bowers & Wilkins sound system.

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Philips has taken its partnership with hi-fi specialist Bowers & Wilkins to a new level with the OLED+ 984, an ambitious one-off flagship that showcases

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One of the unique selling points of the Philips Ambilight TV experience has been the ability for the TV set to project the colour on

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Real Atmos and every HDR format What is the Philips 934? The Philips OLED+ 934 is a mid-range 4K TV with support for high dynamic

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An AV showstopper with a price to match Philips and Bowers & Wilkins’ partnership got off to a flying start late last year with the