Klipsch RSB-8 review

While Klipsch has been producing sound bars for many years now, its talents were always seemingly elsewhere: traditional loudspeakers. Its sound bars have typically been solid performers but leaned toward home theater use rather than music — and this may seem odd coming from the major sponsor of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.


The Klipsch RSB-8 looks as masculine as any sound bar, although it, too, kicked more butt with home theater than with music. It augments its toughness with cutting-edge features and functionality. With the addition of 4K HDMI connectivity and multiroom music, the Klipsch is ready for the future in a way that the company’s sound bars haven’t been before.

If you’re looking for something that makes your TV viewing more pleasurable and also plays some music on the side, the Klipsch RSB-8 is an excellent place to start. That said, there is a lot of competition at this price, from the excellent-sounding LG SH7B to the surround-sound-toting Vizio SB4551, both of which also offer multiroom music and potentially better value for money.

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