ThiEYE i60+ Action Camera Review

A new action camera has made its way to our hands. This time, it’s the ThiEYE i60+ that comes with 4K video recording, a built-in 2-inch display, and a slew of accessories at your disposal. At below Php4K, what can this sporty device offer its users? We find out.

Design and Construction

The ThiEYE i60+ comes in a very familiar packaging if you’ve had a GoPro Hero action cam. The device itself is enclosed in a hard plastic shell with all the accessories stashed inside the box.

It comes bundled with a clear waterproof housing that protects the device from water and dust ingress. Speaking of the device itself, it is very reminiscent of the GoPro Hero’s form factor with its lens singled out with a protruding square frame protecting the sensor. Even the button placements are very familiar with one in front and up top. The only difference is that the i60+ has two buttons on its side for menu navigation.

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