KEF Egg Review : The Only Speakers You’ll Ever Need (If You Can Afford It)

If you’re not an audiophile, speakers aren’t a priority purchase. Like us, you’ll probably settle for a cheap pair of wired speakers, or if you’re feeling extra fancy, wireless speakers. We probably won’t splurge on anything above 10K if we can help it – as long as it sounds good enough, won’t distort in higher volumes and can hold its own during a screaming session in Battlefield 1, we’re satisfied.

Which is why our time with the KEF Egg speakers have been so damn pleasurable. Sure, they’re quite expensive, priced at 25K, but we haven’t heard (or seen) anything like them before. We’ve already tested one other speaker from premium British brand KEF before which already gives us an idea of what to expect from these high-end desktop speakers.

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