Nikon PC Nikkor 19mm f/4 E ED Tilt Shift Lens Review

Pc Nikkor 19mm F4 Front Oblique View

Whenever we look up at a building, our eyes see nothing untoward at all, it all looks perfectly natural. However, whenever we use a camera to do the same thing and reproduce the result on a flat surface then we instantly notice the converging verticals. This is absolutely optically correct, and we accept it when we see train tracks receding into the distance, but not when we see skyscrapers receding into the sky. To satisfy whatever causes this contradiction in our brains the tilt-shift lens was created. At one time the purview of the large format photographer, smaller format DSLRs are also well catered for, albeit it in a more limited way. Let’s have a close look at Nikon’s new 19mm tilt-shift lens and see how it handles on the Nikon D810 provided for this review.

Handling and Features

The PC Nikkor 19mm f/4E ED lens is an impressive piece of kit, looking very much at home on the Nikon D810 body. It is a serious business from the start as we peel off the various warning notices about the possibility of trapped fingers as there are so many ways to rotate parts of the lens. Duly warned, I am pleased to report that my fingers remain unscathed after using the lens for several days.

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