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This high-end speaker is up against some tough competition The sub-£5000 standmounter market is a tough one to compete in. Not only do you have

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We’re big fans of KEF’s award-winning Q Series here. Typically comprising three floorstanders, two standmounters and a centre speaker, we’ve awarded five stars to the

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Certain geographies have long-held associations with loudspeaker design. Maidstone, Kent or Steyning, Sussex in Britain (KEF and Bowers & Wilkins, respectively) for example. Or Cambridge,

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Acoustic Energy’s AE1 Active speakers arrive at an interesting time for hi-fi products. With consumers considering convenience as well as sound quality, the AE1 Active

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The stereo resistance to the soundbar takeover continues to gather pace What is the S3000PRO? The Edifier S3000 is a self-contained active loudspeaker system. It

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What is the KEF LSX? The KEF LSX is a two way active speaker with decoding on board. Until comparatively recently, KEF was, barring a

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In hi-fi circles, wireless has never truly meant wireless. There’s always some form of physical cable that needs to be used, especially when it comes

KEF LSX review

Scaling something down proportionally to create a smaller replica may work for model villages and food recipes, but in speaker design the rules aren’t quite

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To paraphrase one of Morrissey’s more inspired lyrics, we have indeed just discovered that some speaker packages are bigger than others. It is these speakers’

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In the great pantheon of audio manufacturers you’ll find names like Klipsch, Audio-Technica, Polk, Bose, KEF, Harman Kardon and now, finally, Samsung. The South Korean

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Here are the top 20 loudest bluetooth speakers of 2017 that deliver some serious audio performance when it comes to thumping bass and volume output.

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When someone says the words ‘hi-fi system’, what do you think of? If you’re anything like us, you’ve just pictured a separates combination made up

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If the amazing Elac Uni-Fi UB5 is the flashy lead actor in “Affordable Audiophile Speakers: The Movie,” think of the KEF Q350 as the reliable

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What is the KEF R500? The KEF R500 is a three-way floorstanding speaker and the smallest floorstanding member of the R Series. In keeping with

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If you’re not an audiophile, speakers aren’t a priority purchase. Like us, you’ll probably settle for a cheap pair of wired speakers, or if you’re


Once upon a time, the BBC conducted a study aimed at predicting the acoustic properties of studios, and to help with this it constructed an

Neat Motive SX3 review

Verdict These tiny, innately musical speakers are bags of fun For Musical, fun delivery Crisp timing Expressive mids Space-saving design Against Rivals have greater power

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Verdict A combination of style and performance make these large standmounters a desirable buy, if you can house them For Broad, fluid dynamics Even tonal

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KEF X300A Wireless review: active powered loudspeakers with genuine hi-fi and pro-studio pedigree that deserve to find space on your desk.  The KEF X300A speakers

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Kef is a long standing audio brand but hasn’t been in the headphone game for very long. We reviewed its first pair, the M500, two