Hisense HE65K5510 UHD 4K TV Review

What is the Hisense K5510?

The HE65K5510 is a 65-inch mid-range model in the Hisense LED LCD TV range for 2016 and appears to be identical in terms of specifications to the H65M5500 that we reviewed recently. The two TVs use flat Ultra HD 4K panels and include support for High Dynamic Range (HDR), along with a Smart TV platform, superior sound and a high level of build quality. Unlike the M7000 these TVs don’t have local dimming but the features for both TVs are impressive and the only real difference appears to be cosmetic. The 65M5500 uses a silver bezel and the 65K5510 a glossy black one, although both TVs use the same metallic feet. However what really gets your attention is the price and both can currently be picked up for as little as £755/$1132. That’s just incredible for a 65-inch UHD 4K TV with HDR and if the K5510 proves to be at least as good as the M5500 then we might be looking at a real bargain.

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