Acer Spin 7 Review

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Acer Spin 7 Review

The race to be the “thinnest laptop” is a never-ending quest, but Acer’s $1,200 Spin 7 is definitely the sveltest of 2-in-1s we’ve ever tested. It boasts a gorgeous, fanless, black aluminum design, exclusively with USB Type-C ports. But the choice to go fanless and use a low-power CPU makes the Spin 7 less powerful than competitors. It also doesn’t last as long on a charge. That makes the Spin 7 a strong choice for those who care most about aesthetics, portability and the latest ports.


The Spin 7 is what a premium 2-in-1 device should feel like. It’s a thin, black block of aluminum with curved edges and clean lines. The lid is decorated solely with Acer’s logo in gray, and the hinges are silver, which helps break up the design a bit. When I opened the lid, I was greeted by a 14-inch, 1080p display with minimal bezels on the sides, an island-style keyboard, a massive glass touchpad and a deck made of the same solid, gorgeous material as the lid.

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