Hisense 55A6G Review

Introduction For some time now, Hisense has been doing great work to deliver TVs with up-to-the-minute specs at prices the big mainstream brands wouldn’t dare

Hisense 43A6GTUK review

The Hisense 43A6GTUK is a 43-inch 4K HDR TV that costs £329 / $310. And nope, that’s not a typo. It really does cost just

Hisense’s L9G laser TV aims to raise the picture quality bar

High-end model aims to deliver “purer colours” If you want a high-end home cinema experience without taking out a second mortgage, the new Hisense L9G

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When it comes to buying a new television, there are many things to consider but if you want bright displays, you need to check out

EPV Screens DarkStar UST 2 Efinity Projection Screen Review

With ultra short throw (UST) projectors available from a growing list of companies including Epson, LG, Hisense, Optoma, Vava, and now Samsung, it’s clear that

Hisense 65U7G Review

We were in a golden age of affordable TVs for a while, with the TCL 6-Series and the Hisense H8G both offering fantastic performance at

TCL 55RP620K review

All the apps and most of the performance too TCL’s Roku TVs have finally arrived in the UK and the TCL 55RP620K is at the

Hisense AG9 review

The Hisense AG9 4K OLED TV combines a host of high-end features with the company’s usual excellent build quality and competitive pricing. On the picture

Hisense A7G (50A7GQ) QLED TV Review

A TV for everyone… What is the Hisense A7G? The Hisense A7G is a QLED LCD TV that sits in the middle of the range

Hisense 100L5 Laser TV review

The Hisense 100L5 isn’t exactly your average TV. This much becomes obvious as soon as you clock the fact that it gives you a massive

Hisense TV 2021: All the new 4K sets explained

Hisense has officially unveiled its 2021 TV range. The collection includes a wide array of displays, from entry 4K TVs to high-end Mini-LEDs. The latest

Hisense 50A7100FTUK Review

Introduction The 50A7100FTUK is a 50-inch TV from Hisense’s A7 series that launched in 2020.  The TV packs HDR10, HLG and DTS Studio Sound and

Hisense U8G Android TV (65U8G) review

Bright and beautiful picture at a reasonable price If you go on specs and numbers alone, you’d expect the Hisense U8G Series Quantum 4K ULED

The best 8K TVs in 2021

The best 8K TVs are the peak of current TV technology – and they’re anything but cheap Forget 4K, the best 8K TVs push the

Hisense U8G-series 4K UHD TV (65-inch-class, model 65U8G) review: Nice for the price, especially for gamers

It might not have mini-LED backlighting, but in all other respects, this TV’s got game. Hisense’s latest 8-series TVs—namely, the U8G series—feature outstanding color, a

Hisense 65U8G Review

The Hisense H9G was one of our favorite TVs of 2020, combining an excellent picture with a stylish design and hands-free Google Assistant for a

Hisense Laser TV vs Fengmi Laser TV: Which is better Projector?

There are many domestic laser TV brands, and the most typical ones are Fengmi Laser TV and Hisense Laser TV. Fengmi Laser TV and Hisense Laser

Hisense U6G ULED TV review

The Hisense U6G may not offer all the fancy bells and whistles that you would expect from more expensive options, but it still offers an

Hisense U8G 4K ULED HDR TV Review

As a replacement for the highly popular Hisense H9G from 2020, the new Hisense U8G 4K ULED HDR TV has a lot to live up

Hisense Roku R50A7200GTUK review

There are reasons why wine is dated by year. The grapes might come from the same fields, the fermentation process may be identical and the

Hisense 65U8QFTUK Review

Hisense’s flagship 65U8Q improves in some areas, but the bigger screen highlights issues in others. The Hisense 65U8QFTUK is at the top of Hisense’s 2020 TV range,

Hisense 120” L5F Series Laser Cinema offers 4K theater experience at home

Hisense has launched its new 120-inch L5F Laser Cinema, a home entertainment laser projector and ambient light-rejecting screen for a theater-like experience in your living

Hisense L5F Series Laser Cinema offers a complete home theater solution

Hisense is bringing an even bigger cinema experience to your home with its new L5F Series Laser Cinema. It comes with 4K color range, built-in

Hisense U80G ULED 8K TV review

In the past, we’ve criticized Hisense somewhat for the occasional image scrambling that can happen on its televisions during fast moving scenes. We’re happy to

Hisense 65-Inch H9G Review

The sweet spot for a midrange TV over the past couple years has been $1,000. At that price, you can get a 65-inch 4K TV

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If you’re looking for a really low price on a new TV, Best Buy’s Insignia brand might seem like an appealing choice. Its Fire TV

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As one of the two largest e-commerce retailers in India, Amazon sells a lot of televisions from various brands. Much of the demand is for

Sony XBR-55X900H Review

Sony is practically synonymous with quality TVs, and its new X900H family offers a stylish design, accurate colors out of the box, and loads of

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If you’re looking for an affordable TV, the Vizio M-Series Quantum is likely on your radar. It’s an HDR-compatible 4K TV line with quantum dot

Hisense R6 Series Review

This Hisense R6 Series review goes over the impressive performance of this budget smart TV made by a manufacturer you might not even be familiar